The Benefits of Accepting Plastic

Increase Your Sales

Fewer and fewer customers are carrying cash. If you offer plastic form of payment, you can server more customers quicker and these customers tend to spend more money on their cards.

Simplify Your Records

Electronic transactions are easier to track and record, which makes your life and your accountant's life easier. Financial institutions are also requiring better tracking to open and keep a business account.

Save Money. Cash is Expensive.

Receive payments directly into your bank account with our electronic payments solutions and avoid the hassles, potential for loss, extra security risks, and deposit costs of handling cash.

A Better Customer Service Experience

Give your customers confidence in your business and a smoother checkout process by offering multiple forms of payment at the counter instead of “Cash Only”.

Why Customers Choose Cannatransact.

  • Multiple Payment Solutions Available to fit your Business Needs.
  • Payments Deposited Directly into your Bank Account
  • Free Equipment Program
  • Competitive Fee Structures
  • No Setup Costs
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